January 2022 Update from Pollyanna
January 2022
Dear Friend,

Pollyanna started in 2015 with a one-day conference model that invited schools in a small geographic region to come together and use the wisdom in the room to help improve and implement a school’s commitment to diversity. This model, still popular, and successful today, incorporates listening, sharing, learning and action. Every voice is represented as administrators, alumni, diversity practitioners, faculty, heads of school, parents, students and trustees are invited to attend. These transformative gatherings have inspired our motto: Every Voice Matters.

As our work has expanded, Every Voice Matters now carries over into all of our work: 

  • Our DEIB Community Assessments invite all voices to be heard. We are excited to announce that we have entered into a partnership with the Johns Hopkins Institute for Education Policy. We will be using their research-based School Culture 360™️ in our suite of assessment tools. This survey provides key insights as we support your school's inclusivity across all aspects of the community's common life. 
  • Pollyanna’s K-12 Racial Literacy Curriculum includes many voices and prepares and encourages students to have meaningful conversations about race and racism. The K-8 curriculum ensures that students develop concrete academic and leadership skills that result in a more robust vision of social responsibility and global citizenship. The soon-to-be-released High School Curriculum integrates topics of racial justice into rigorous content designed for high school instruction in eight different subject areas: Advisory, Art, Biology, English Language Arts, Health and Wellness, History, Math, and Technology.
  • Our Workshops and Discussion Groups invite many different voices to be heard, as well. We offer a range of presentations and workshops that are designed and customized to help schools, organizations, and corporations engage with DEIB initiatives and enhance knowledge of racial literacy and equity practices. Many of our workshops are centered on the questions, “What if you considered the work of racial justice to be your most important work? How would this affect your perspective? Your decisions? Your relationships?”

We use the motto Every Voice Matters because we believe communities are healthiest when its members feel a sense of agency and affirmation. While change is a challenging and rigorous process, we believe our work creates a seat at the table for every voice.

Use your voice in 2022 to inspire community accountability with kindness that invites people to participate in collective and transformative action in the work of equity and justice. Wishing you a Happy New Year!

All best,
Casper Caldarola

In the News

2022 Workshop Announcement 
We are so excited to offer a range of workshops designed to help schools, parents and caretakers, educators, and organizations enhance racial literacy knowledge and equity practices. See Announcements below to learn more and sign up.
Teen Pollyanna
The first meeting of the new year will take place on January 22 and will focus on the contribution of others. Come meet Marianne Macrae and learn about Robin Hood's Teen Council. Click here to register.


Intra- and Multi-School Conferences
Pollyanna offers two conference models that can be hosted at school or on Zoom: the Multi-School Conference and the Intra-School Conference. Each has the goal of creating a stronger community and generating Actionable Ideas. Click here for more information.
Francis Parker School, San Diego, CA,  January 2022 
Tuxedo Park School, Tuxedo Park, NY, February 2022 
Ravenscroft School, Raleigh, NC, March, 2022
St. Luke's School, New Canaan, CT, April 2022
Brentwood School, Los Angeles, CA, April 2022
Dalton School, New York, NY, May 2022
The Willows Community School, Culver City, CA, May 2022
Workshops & Discussions  
1-22-22 -- Teen Pollyanna Monthly Discussion with Guest Marianne Macrae
If you're 13-18 years old and would like to learn more about DEIB, please join us. Marianne is the Managing Director of Family  Engagement at the Robin Hood Foundation, and its mission is to elevate New Yorkers out of poverty. Click here to learn more and  register.
1-29-22 -- 3-Hour K-8 Racial Literacy Curriculum Overview PD with Jason Craige Harris
Join us for an interactive 3-hour overview and in-depth discussion of Pollyanna's free K-8 Racial Literacy Curriculum. This session is a great introduction for faculty/admin or for new faculty/admin, if your school has already implemented the curriculum.
Saturday, 29 January 2022, from 1:00-4:00PM ET on Zoom. Click here to learn more and register.
2-9-22 -- 4-Part Series MaPaGa+ABCs of Race-Conscious Parenting with Jacqueline Nelson
Join us for a new 4-part workshop for parents/guardians of children four years and younger. Jacqueline Nelson, former kindergarten teacher, DEIB educator, and mom of a two-year-old, will create connections and community for families with young children, and teach the group how to talk about race with each other and with their children. Click here to learn about the sessions and register.
2-17-22 -- Race Talk is Dividing Us! with Jason Craige Harris
This workshop will help faculty, parents and guardians learn accurate definitions of Racial Literacy and CRT (dispelling distortions and inaccuracies) as well as provide an overview of how Racial Literacy can be integrated into a curriculum to promote equity and belonging for all. Click here to learn more and register. 
3-5-22  -- High School Curriculum PD Overview with Julia Kingsdale 
Join us for our first 3-hour overview of our high school curriculum facilitated by Curriculum Project Manager Julia Kingsdale. Attendees will learn about the curriculum's structure, scope, and sequence, and preview activities from each of the eight subject areas. There will also be an opportunity for educators to ask questions about how to implement the curriculum in their classrooms. Please mark your calendars for subject reviews as well: Advisory – 23 April 2022, Health & Wellness – 23 April 2022, English – 7 May 2022, History – 7 May 2022, Math – 21 May 2022, Biology – 21 May 2022, Technology – 4 June 2022 and  Art – 4 June 2022.
Pollyanna advances systemic change by developing stronger communities.
Pollyanna works with academic and other institutions to achieve their diversity, equity and inclusion goals. Through its unique conference models, discussion platforms, and racial literacy curricula, Pollyanna increases cultural competence.
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