June 2022 Update from Pollyanna
June 2022
Dear Friend,
If you have ever attended a Pollyanna workshop, you know we often begin with a check-in question for participants. Often, we ask, “How are you showing up today?”
We like this question because it gives everyone the opportunity to name the emotions and feelings they are bringing into the conversation. It also gives everyone in the room a sense of the tone when we begin. In some ways, naming all of these emotions is like constructing a map to help us take our first steps in conversation.
Given the recent, horrific events we’ve witnessed and a long school year drawing to a close, we know that if we asked this question of everyone reading this newsletter, it might yield responses such as: frustrated, burned out, sad, depressed, angry.
We get it. We feel it, too.
However, we also know that those of us engaged in working towards a more just and equitable world find hope in the most challenging moments, try to bounce back quickly, and are always thinking about the next best ways to engage communities in further growth.  
As we look forward to summer and the next school year, we know we need the breather, but we are also excited to partner with schools in Pollyanna Conferences, our new PD-X professional development, our free K-12 Racial Literacy Curriculum, and to see more teens at Teen Pollyanna meetings. We hope you will consider how Pollyanna’s resources might be helpful in your community’s journey and growth. 
We send our love to all of the people in Buffalo and Uvalde impacted by these tragedies. Please use your vote and voice to support common sense gun laws.
Casper Caldarola

In the News

Celebrate Pride Month with a Great Book
Here are some of our top picks that address LGBTQ+ issues and experiences.
Lower School
When Aidan Became a Brother, Grandad’s Camper
Middle School
Almost Flying; To Night Owl from Dogfish, Beetle and the Hollow Bones
Upper School
Openly Straight, Darius the Great Deserves Better,  The Ultimate LGBT Guide for Teens, Last Night at the Telegraph Club
Pollyanna Summer Workshop with NYSAIS
Join Jaci and Jay for a 4-day deep dive for teacher leaders of all racial identities who have consistently been doing the work in their school communities.  Register through NYSAIS.
Pollyanna Conference School Partners
From in-person to Zoom to in-person...we're staying positive that next school year we'll be fully in-person. Our two conference models are an effective way of building stronger and more inclusive school communities. Read more about them.
Pollyanna Workshops at AISAP's Annual Institute
Educate Elevate, Empower and Engage - the Institute focuses solely on the art and science for admission and enrollment professionals. Join us for 1 or all 4 of our workshops covering Admissions, Assessments, Communications and DEI. The Institute offers many more workshops too!  Register through AISAP.
Teen Pollyanna Guests
We had great guests, along with our great teens, and meaningful discussions each month. We're busy planning for the next school year. Please have your teens sign up now! Click here to register.
4 Days in August with NYSAIS + Pollyanna
Back by popular demand! This series will move you forward. It will support you to learn more about the roles and responsibilities of white educators in working for racial justice. Click here to register with NYSAIS.
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