October 2022 Update from Pollyanna
October 2022
Dear Friend,
As our country moves towards another pivotal election season, it would be easy to use fear as motivation to vote this November. Even a partial list of the events of the last few years is breathtaking, all on top of a global pandemic:
  • a racist and insurrectionist mob storming the US Capitol
  • the systematic rolling back of voting rights in many states
  • governors illicitly trafficking human beings to score political points
  • books being banned in schools and libraries
  • school board members and their families being physically threatened
  • women losing their constitutional right to exercise autonomy over their bodies. 
As an organization, Pollyanna has also watched these events unfold and wondered if there is truly room for our work within a society that seems ever more polarized, fractured, and undone.
Fortunately, as our name suggests, we are always able to find the good, to find the examples of people doing work based on hope and progress. This is what centers us in challenging times. One such example comes to us from a middle school in North Andover, Massachusetts.
As described by The New York Times, Carrie LaPierre’s 8th-grade class recently played the lead role in exonerating Elizabeth Johnson, Jr., the last person convicted over three hundred years ago in the Salem Witch Trials. The work engaged in by Ms. LaPierre and her students provides a perfect example of why deep civic engagement, and taking an honest look at our country’s history, are so important in our society’s current moment. 
“The effort to clear Ms. Johnson’s name was a dream project for the eighth-grade civics class, Ms. LaPierre said. It allowed her to teach students about research methods, including the use of primary sources; the process by which a bill becomes a law; and ways to contact state lawmakers. The project also taught students the value of persistence.” 
Moreover, one elected official in Massachusetts remarked, “These students have set an incredible example of the power of advocacy and speaking up for others who don’t have a voice.”
As we enter voting booths next month, it is completely legitimate to consider all that is “wrong” as motivation. I hope that you will be motivated by how your vote might help the people working tirelessly to make our country a more just and equitable place for all people. The students, the teachers, the nurses, the community advocates, and more; these are unsung heroes of justice and change.

This November, they need us not to give in to fear. They need us to speak up for people who don’t have a voice. They need us, so please get out and vote.
Casper Caldarola

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Christen Tedrow-Harrison, Director of DEIB
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