Dear Friends and Colleagues,
Beginning in October, we are excited to offer a new monthly workshop series led by a team of inspiring and knowledgeable educators. Each hour-long session will be conducted over Zoom and will offer insights, resources, and strategies about essential DEIB-related topics in our school communities.
Topics and facilitators include:
Beyond the Culture Wars: Seeking Consensus on DEIB Efforts through Effective Communications
Jan Abernathy
Wellness, Social-Emotional Learning, and DEI in the Classroom
Ivy Alphonse-Crean
Aligning your School's Advancement and DEIB Goals
David Smith
Solving Conflict Like a Mediator
Jason Craige Harris
“Getting to Autonomy” - A Conversation about White Racial Identity Development and Independent Schools
Jay Golon
Counting In: Supporting the Growing Population of Interracial Families in Independent Schools.
Naledi Semela
The Need for Affinity: The Purpose of Affinity Spaces in a Challenging Climate
Melissa Mirza
Wonders Never Cease: Anti-Bias Education in Early Childhood Education
Jacqueline Nelson 
Because we know the school year moves at light speed from September through June, we have designed this series with flexibility in mind. When you subscribe, your school will receive full access to each workshop for your employees. Moreover, if they cannot join, each session will be recorded and archived. While we love to see people in person, we also know the school year can pull folks in many different directions. Thus, this series is designed to give you monthly, hour-long opportunities to pause, reflect, and reconnect with important DEIB topics when it is most convenient for you.
The fee for the year for all employees for schools with 500 students and under is $1500 for the year and for schools with 501 students and over is $2000. 
Please click here to see the full schedule and descriptions, and to register your school. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. We hope to see many of you starting in October!
Casper Caldarola
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